3 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs Virtual Assistance

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As a startup founder, you are probably always looking for the best ways to hire high quality talent that enables you to focus on what you do best. The minutiae of day-to-day tasks can be overwhelming and time-consuming, which ultimately impacts your productivity. As your business grows, a virtual analyst (VA) can help you ensure that nothing is slipping through the cracks.
A virtual analyst (commonly referred to as Virtual Assistant, Productivity Assistant, or Executive Assistant) completes administrative tasks from a remote environment and will complete duties that vary across functions like Administration, Human Resources & Operations, Marketing and even Sales. There is an endless array of tasks you and your team could delegate that will save you that valuable time you might covet.
As a leader, you’re in the business of solving problems for your customers, in the same way a virtual analyst’s job is solving problems for their customers -- in other words, you and your business. Virtual analysts (VAs) are often more advantageous for startups than office-based employees and here’s why: 


1. High Quality

Making sure you’re receiving high quality work is essential for startups, which is why virtual analysts would fit in perfectly. With Viva, you’ll also find that the quality is the same if not better than the local hire, in addition to the flexibility and scalability offered. We pride ourselves on the quality of our talent as the biggest differentiating factor.

Our virtual analysts are trained in tasks and skills relevant to executives. This implies a more hands-on training approach, more frequent feedback, and faster professional development process for the VA -- all of which directly benefits the company they are working for.

2. Efficiency & Productivity

Virtual analysts have the ability to perform many different tasks and can easily adapt to different environments. Some of the tasks virtual analysts tackle daily are:

  • Calendar management

  • Coordinate and schedule calls and appointments

  • Recruitment and onboarding support

  • Lead generation and prospecting

  • Conducting research

Remote workers like virtual analysts have been proven to be highly productive. A recent Stanford research shows that 16,000 workers found that working from home increased productivity by 13% in just 9 months. In this same study, workers reported improved work satisfaction, and attrition rates were cut by 50%. 

In addition to this, with a virtual analyst you can make up for the skill gap in your organisation and boost overall productivity. 

3. Subject Matter Expertise

While virtual analysts (VAs) can support you with non-essential tasks like email and calendar management, they can also accomplish specific functions in Marketing, Sales, HR and Operations. Their scope of work already includes more than a few ways in which they contribute to these areas, and they are also able to produce content, do market research, and design; among other Marketing tasks. VA’s can tackle HR tasks such as managing multiple recruitment processes for a client, reviewing resumes, and helping with onboarding. In addition, a virtual analyst could guide your sales processes via lead generation, prospecting and managing sales campaigns. 
With Viva, VA’s effectively take the role of executive assistants, marketing assistants, sales administrators, staffing specialists, etc. Our in-house 8-week training program is second to none and carefully crafted with customer feedback that moulds each analyst to help customers meet these needs.

Key Benefits of Hiring a virtual analyst

Why you should consider hiring a virtual analyst:

  • High quality talent that enables you to save time and focus on what you do best

  • They help your organisation operate more efficiently and make teams more productive

  • They bring subject matter expertise and allow you to scale your organisation quickly

If you find yourself with more work on your hands than free time, it might be a good time to consider hiring a virtual analyst, someone who is trained and qualified to assist you from a remote location. Our goal is to free your mindspace to focus on what’s most important – growing your business. 
Additionally, all Viva VAs go through an eight-week program called Viva University, where they learn all the skills and tools needed to offer best-in-class service. This means you spend less time onboarding your VA and more time delegating non-essential tasks, which enables you to spend time on identifying new opportunities, as well as building and leading your team, and managing product development. We guarantee a premium service that will improve your business.

If you want to find out more about the different areas in which a Viva VA can help, check our services page or get in touch with us today.