Admin Analyst

How you will benefit


Calendar Management

We use best in class tools to automate your meeting scheduling process

  • Save time from back and forth scheduling

  • Avoid conflicting meetings

  • Compartmentalize your time to maximize your output

How you will benefit


Email Management

Leverage leading practices to create rules, folders, and flags to organize your emails

  • Respond to emails much faster

  • Go to sleep every day with your inbox at zero emails

  • Locate emails with ease and efficiency

How you will benefit


Meeting Prep & Follow-Up

Prepare pre-meeting briefings using template

  • Go into all your meetings prepared

  • Increase efficiency of your meetings with structured agendas

  • Ensure no action items slip through the cracks

How you will benefit



Attend meetings to capture important minutes or leverage AI software to transcribe and summarize

  • Improve meeting documentation hygiene to improve information sharing

  • Eliminate low value add meetings by delegating the attendance and reading the summary afterwards

How you will benefit


Relationship Management

  • Get your critical catch-ups scheduled

  • Build deeper relationships by showing up for your network

Implement ‘Connections Playbook’ to help you keep in touch with your most important relationships

How you will benefit


Employee Management

  • Improve connectedness amongst employees

  • Increase morale and productivity

Implement a tested employee engagement approach through a combination of communication and wellness initiatives

How you will benefit



  • Save time by having someone else figure out the logistics for you

  • Document your preferences once and never see a detail get missed

Perform end-to-end trip planning designed by consultants who have been on hundreds of business trips