About Viva

Viva supports teams and executives at fast-growing startups to be more productive by providing highly skilled virtual analysts (VAs).

Our client experience is centered around hiring top talent, providing comprehensive training, and leveraging leading practices to accelerate the growth trajectory of our clients.

Our Story

Our co-founders have extensive experience at startups and large enterprises. During these experiences, they discovered the invisible problem of lost productivity caused by inadequate staffing. As a result of this problem, they have seen executives complete non-executive level tasks as opposed to delegating them to others.

Viva was founded to solve the problem of lost productivity within companies by tapping into an underutilized network of talent in Latin America.


Our Mission

Through our work in the not-for-profit sector in Latin America, we have seen the unique challenges faced by the labour force in this region — particularly women who are often held back in their careers due to a lack of meaningful job opportunities. Our team was inspired by Muhammad Yunus, the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize winner who founded the microfinance organization Grameen Bank, which empowers women in Bangladesh to start businesses with microloans. Similar to Grameen Bank, Viva focuses on providing employment opportunities to women in emerging economies. Our mission is to increase the participation of women in the workforce in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 (UN SDG 5), which is to achieve gender equality and to empower all women and girls.


Viva operates under a social enterprise model, which is a scalable method to apply a business solution to a social problem. Rather than relying on donations and grants, we’re able to reinvest our profits into hiring, training, and community programs.

Our Leadership Team

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