Our Process

The Emerging Analyst Program is an initiative created by our team to positively impact women in LatAM communities through a number of sessions where our VAs will help them refine their skills in order to improve job opportunities.

The skills we focus on improving are:


English grammar




Administrative tasks & skills


Week program

We also provide opportunities that help them increase their self-confidence while practicing their English communication skills. 

We want to create a community in which women can support each other so we aim to provide an environment where they can communicate in a 1:1 environment as they practice their English.

"The Emerging Analyst Program gave me the confidence to expand my goals, have a better perspective of everything that I can offer. Also, it gave me new skills and helped me improve the ones that I already have in order to be better. I was able to improve my English proficiency, practicing like never before. Every part of the process is positive, women will feel empowered as people and as employees. Join the EAP, you won’t regret it. It’s one of the best job-related experiences I’ve had." 

Ninive - EAP Graduate

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