Human Resources & Operations Analyst

How you will benefit



Recruit the best candidates for your team

  • Increase the number of prepared candidates for each job position

  • Have a solid pre-selection process

  • Improve your employee retention rate

How you will benefit



Design, implement, and improve onboarding process

  • Your new hires will be ready to go from day 1

  • Everyone in your team will be familiarized with your working tools

  • Make sure your new hires will experience a thorough onboarding 

How you will benefit



  • Support retention by investing in development of employees

  • Upskill low performers to increase productivity

  • Generate cross-pollination and learning between employees and team

Perform skills maturity assessment to identify gaps and implement new training initiatives

How you will benefit


Employee Engagement

  • Improve connectedness amongst employees

  • Increase morale and productivity

Implement a tested employee engagement approach through a combination of communication and wellness initiatives

How you will benefit



Amplify the voice of senior and junior employees through internal newsletters and communications

  • Drive greater transparency and mission alignment through senior staff messages

  • Boost morale by giving junior employees a platform to broadcast their work and interests across the company

How you will benefit


Performance Management

  • Reduce information asymmetries between senior leadership and employees

  • Support the development of your employees

  • Increase long-term retention by recognizing performance more frequently

Roll out a robust performance management process