Sales Analyst

How you will benefit

Lead Generation

Research accounts, identify key players and generate interest

  • Improve status report on lead generation 

  • Develop a system for determining the quality of leads

  • Effective market research to identify opportunities

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How you will benefit


Sales Campaign Management

  • Ensure timely follow-up with prospects

  • Save time on measuring, analyzing and optimizing existing campaigns

  • Schedule appointments between prospects and sales representative

Manage sales campaign timelines, quality, and results

How you will benefit


CRM Management

  • Manage accurate data and record-keeping in the CRM system

  • Optimize campaign performance through CRM insights

Keep CRM system up-to-date records of sales-related functions and information

How you will benefit


Sales Collateral Creation

  • Provide support in the creation of social media content geared towards generating leads

  • Ensure quarterly sales business objectives are met

  • Build and manage an active pipeline

Identify qualified sales opportunities in new and existing accounts

How you will benefit


Sales Call Support

  • Improve effectiveness of communication with new and existing clients

  • Reinforce your communication with prospects 

  • Develop new sales opportunities 

Source new sales opportunities through outbound calls